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mCamCap - Webcam capture tool for msn messenger


Please use only the default color-scheme of chat-window for mCamCap to detect the webcams. I am working on mCamCap so that it auto detects the webcams. If you are facing any difficulty or want mCamCap in language other than English then contact me via email on p.kumar@pkumar.de

After the success of yCamCap .. the simple tool for yahoo messenger webcam I present ... tool for recording msn webcam. 
Was a bit difficult.. but it works..
There are two versions: One is Free Basic Version and another is paid version with extra features.
However some of the features are :

Supports Msn messenger v6.0(English) and above.
Improved Interface
Save Frames with Id
AutoCreates and saves under Directory with name and time


Purchase Advanced Version of mCamCap.

Please read the readme file attached in basic version. Follow the instructions and get the serial number from basic version. Now paste/write that serial number your email below and then click the buy now  button to pay via paypal.

Costs only 9.98 Euros

Provide your emailid and Serial number from basic Version here.

Clicking this button will take you to paypal site. Please note that i deliver the Advanced version after i get the payment notification from paypal.

Send Reports/errors/Bugs/Request for modifications to p.kumar@pkumar.de 

Minimum System Requirements:

msn Messenger 6.0(English) or better


  • Capture MSN webcam stream to auto numbered JPG and/or BMP files
  • Save any JPG/BMP image sequence to AVI video Stream(Just show the directory where are they)(only in paid version) 
  • Automatically moniters MSN chat window for webcam
  • view of captured frames and frames being encoded
  • Unlimited frames capture(9,99,999 frames to say or limited to disk space)(only in paid version)
  • Option to keep webcam window on top
  • Some Help/documentation ;-)
  • User Defined save-to directory for image files
  • Autodetected large and Small webcam image
  • shows currently encoding frame  (only in paid version)
  • single window interface

disclaimer: msn messenger is a product of microsoft. this site is not related to microsoft.

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